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    Public Liablity FAQs

    We want to make sure you know exactly what you’re protected for, so please take a look at our FAQs or talk to our customer support.

    It’s essential to have sufficient public liability insurance cover to protect yourself and your business against claims of negligence resulting in injury to a member of public or damage to property. Failure to do so could result in a legal claim being brought against you and your business for damages in the event of a claim.

    Public liability is a legal liability to pay damages consequent upon bodily injury, illness or disease sustained by any other person, other than employees, or loss of or damage to their property caused by an individual or business. Public liability insurance provides cover against such claims.

    The normal limits are €2.6 million or €6.5million. Normally the higher limit is needed when you are doing government contracts

    This protects against claims made by employees, past or present.
    You have a duty of care to all employees. If they suffer loss or injury through working for you, they may have grounds for a claim.
    Examples of how a claim may arise include:
    • An employee or former employee says they have developed back problems as a result of ongoing manual handling duties. They say they never received proper training in the correct procedure.
    • A tradesman suffers an injury through using faulty tools or materials supplied by the employer.
    • An office worker trips over a cable that is running across the floor.
    In these and other cases, the employer may be held accountable not just for medical costs incurred, but also legal fees and ongoing losses suffered by the other party. That’s why having employers liability insurance is so important. It deals with all such claims and associated costs, rather than your business having to meet them directly.